where E stands for
the opposite of difficult
The easiest to use fishing e-logs system
at the lowest cost
Contact us for a no obligation free trial of Elogs
We do not charge for setting you up on Elogs
All training and support included in one low price
Our Elogs system has been designed to work reliably in the poor mobile coverage areas and to minimise satellite data charges
We provide a fully managed service: you do fishing we do IT. No messing around with computers and software installations. You will receive from us the latest model tablets with our Elogs app and C-Map or Navionics installed, protected by water & shock proof cases and with a Telstra mobile data SIM cards inside
Receive a top quality marine-grade Ram Mount for tablets on boats (RAM Mount Business Marine)
Receive training and our 'fanatical' 24 x 7 support at no extra charge. It is our business to make your fishing business operate smoothly

We let you customise the data set that you are collecting at no charge. Thus we turn logging which is an obligation into a benefit by converting data into actionable information to improve your business
Is it easier and quicker for you to write on paper than to type into a laptop? Only tablets are even easier to use than filling out paper forms on a clipboard
If you prefer writing, you can use a pencil (that we supply) to hand write into our Elogs app. Furthermore, your skippers could operate our Elogs app hands-free by talking to the device
The tablets that we supply already have built-in GPS receiver for logging positions and a mobile data connection for sending data, no need to buy extra hardware such as a GPS dongle and a data modem for the laptop and lug them around the boat. Built-in means reliable!
Elogs tablet app operates without an Internet connection, it can record hundreds of fishing shots on those boats which rarely approach shore during fishing season.  Alternatively, it can send data via satelite connection at any time
Exceptionally flexible two-sided operation (or one sided if you do not need or want both): ship-side and shore-side
Self sufficiency: all electronic hardware in Elogs is stock-standard. Under normal circumstances, you will get it from us. But in case of an emergency or a lockdown, you could walk into any good electronics shop in town and get a replacement off the shop shelf
The web-based, shore-side of Elogs system enables you to collect and verify centrally all fishery reports that you submit. Double-check the log's correctness in the comfort of your office on a large monitor using our special verification tools. Easily find, correct and re-submit what may have been submitted in error at trip's end by a tired boat skipper

High security - the information is encrypted and compartmentalised - each skipper can see only his own trips, unless you decide otherwise. You can easily see information from all boats or any boat in one place
AMSA logs, boat maintenance logs and fleet management are also available
Symply, you will never find a logging system better than this
mobile: 0405-323-096      email: admin@elogs.com.au